Smallest Full-Circuit Ball Machine Slideshow



Introduction: Smallest Full-Circuit Ball Machine Slideshow

This is a video and a slide show of my smallest Ball Machine. It's a full circuit ball machine and yes, It's pointless. It is my first slide show/movie so please don't rate it bad! Just kidding... I'm not one of those people who say, "O itz mai frst instractable so plz don r8 bad". Rate it how every you feel it needs to be rated. And comment. Enjoy.



Yellow Connector: 6
Dark Blue Connector: 6
Purple Connector: 6
Dark Grey (one slot) Connector: 6
Metallic Purple (Similar to tan clip) Connector: 2
Orange Connector: 10
Red Connector: 5
White (snowflake) Connector: 2
Tan Clip Connector: 6
Light green Railing (used in Loopin' Lizard) Connector: 2


Yellow Rod: 21
Red Rod: 13
Large Green Flex Rod (similar to gray): 4
Blue Rod: 2


Y-Clip Connector: 2
K'nex Battery Pack Motor: 1
Medium-Sized Gears (34 teeth): 4
Gray Spacer: 10
Blue Spacer: 10
Chain Links: 16
K'nex Ball: 1

TOTAL: 135

It's pretty simple to build. Just use the pictures provided if you want to build it and use the YouTube video. If you need more help on building, I could post more pictures in the slide show. Just ask.



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    15 Discussions

    You know what's kinda creepy? I actually have the Loopin' Lizard Ball Machine. STALKER!

    It uses 134 total parts, including the Chain Links and the Motor. I have listed the exact parts needed to build this Ball Machine Above in the description.

    speeking of moters did you order that moter or did you get it out of a set please write back and check out my stuff please and if you do please coment on them

    Yes, I got the motor from a set. It was a long time ago, so I don't remember the box colour it came in. Sorry. :(

    You've probably done something no one else would think to do here. Can you get it to crack eggs?


    3 replies

    "You've probably done something no one else would think to do here." Said by you. What do you mean? What have I done that no one else has done? Just curious. :)

    I meant that other people would always try for BIG machines, small can be good but isn't often done.


    there are a few more small ball machines on the site though, even smaller than this one