Smallest K'nex Gun EVER

Introduction: Smallest K'nex Gun EVER

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Made out of nothing but 13 peices and two lastic bands..

But i dont belive i needed 2 make a step-by-step....

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Step 1: The *titchiest* Body

Just 1 blue rod

Step 2: The *titchiest* Handle

Step 3: The *titchiest* Barrel

Step 4: The *titchiest* Bullet

Wrap an elastic band around the hole 3-4 times then make afew knots.

Step 5: The *titchiest* Trigger

Step 6: Bang Bang, Shoot Shoot

Remember this is a ( what i would call ) "plan B" gun so it only has 1 shot.


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    4 years ago

    Cool gun, but I have made the True Smallest K'NEX gun. Here's the link. Copy+paste this to view it.