Smallest Staircase Door in Minecraft

Introduction: Smallest Staircase Door in Minecraft

This door can be used for hidden bases or storage rooms. It is very fast, and it has a small profile, being two by five blocks and only three high.

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Step 1: The Foundation

To start off, clear a space of two blocks by five blocks and three blocks under the stair case that will be modified.

Step 2: The First Layer

The first layer consists of the following blocks: one sticky piston, one dropper, and five blocks of your choice. Add an item of your choice inside of the dropper.

Step 3: Redstone!

Redstone for this step is one repeater set to two ticks, one torch, and three pieces of redstone dust.

Step 4: The Second Layer

One comparator, two piston and one hopper.

Step 5: The Third Layer

Just a few stairs

Step 6: Two More Blocks

Add a block to the back stair, and a half slab next to that block.

Step 7: Put Redstone on It

Add a piece of redstone to the half slab.

Step 8: Power It

Step 9: Finished

Add stairs around the door.

Step 10: Extra Step

This build can be mirrored to make the door two wide.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 9

    I was just wondering how you are supposed to power the door from the outside. I tried doing red stone where the lever was, but since the rest of the Reston was down below, it didn't work. Also, the stone stairs only go down one block, so I cannot get through, sorry for the trouble.