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Venco is a device designed to be fitted in a centered, high-mounted position at the rear of a vehicle. It analyses the data from the sensors - gyroscope and the accelerometer and displays the current state of the vehicle - acceleration, braking to a halt, turn direction – through distinct signals and signs on one or several stackable LED matrices, thereby alerting other traffic participants and pedestrians. Sharing information that may be relevant to other traffic participants can improve traffic flow and safety.

Step 1: LED, Arduino Leonardo, MPU 9150, Splitter

Venco is made of one or more stackable LED matrices , ATMEGA32U4 micro-controller board which controls the LED screen, reads and transmits data from the sensors and from the ESP8266 module, a rechargeable battery, and a splitter which houses the wireless module and the multi-sensor MPU9150: gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic field meter, temperature sensor.

Step 2: SD Card and ESP 8266

I have added a SD card slot which keeps all sensor data collected during the trip for further analysis and a free slot which allows plugging a wireless module to transmit data also to a LCD display or Google Glasses thus indicating the speed, the acceleration, compass, map and the traffic behind to the cyclist or to the driver.

Step 3: The Topology

Venco has been developed using an innovative topology. It is a combination of familiar elements applied in a way which upgrades their established functions into an original product for enhanced information exchange.

Step 4: Source Code and the 3d Printable Models



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    5 Discussions

    Nice idea, but not good concept. Why you use accelerometer? If you need turn lights signal, you must send right command before you turn your bike (tilt bike is not the right way). Accelerometer will be useful as "dead man trigger" if you fall down or as brake signal activator, not as turn singal trigger.

    I working on same project but with 4x 8x8 LED martix and more animation (including text messages like STOP, HELP etc - you can use scrolling text in your project).

    4 replies

    Juraj, MPU9150 is a multi sensor and it has gyroscope and magnetic field meter. Looking at the code I see that the accelerometer is used for the forward and backward signs and gyroscope is used for the left and right signs. The physics of the bike turning is that you go to the right before you turn to the left.

    understand, but physics of the bike is not good argument for this project ;-) If you are in trafic (with lot of vehicles around you), you need to show direction "visible" before you turn (not at the moment you turn, but maybe 10-30 second and more before!!!) - try this in the city with cars! I think that buttons or some kind of switch are necessary. Its for safety and correct function, not for light effect ;-) And also when you drive fast on your bike, bike tilt left and ride, left and ride, left and ride - you generate fake signals for vehicles around I think...

    PS: I have no time now to study the code, sory for that, later. My reaction based mostly on your video. add some swith for direction (I know - instalation of cables is not cool, and wireless is not 100% perfect, but 100% without buttons... Maybe if you use GPS tracing of your way...)

    BTW same concept as your project is here (same basic idea):

    Howdy, Juraj. The device has ESP8266 module as well which sends the recorded data on the SD card from the trip to analytics platform via the home WiFi system.This ESP8266 can be used to connect a wireless switch mounted on the wheel during the ride which can be used as you mention.

    Juraj, BTW my project is open source and open hardware and it is published since 2015. Please show me similar from before. :)