Smart Backbag

There is a serious problem face a lot of us, we always

forgot our stuff, sometimes we forgot worth stuff like phone or wallet and sometimes we forgot important things like books and patchwork.

Therefore, it came to my mind an idea to make Smart Backpack, it enables you to check your stuff before leaving and never lose anything.

You can write your list
of thing, you are going to take with you throw the TFT screen and then check if you take them with you or not. In addition, you can save many different lists and choose one of them like making main list contains the things you never get out without them and so on.

You also can set buzzer if you did not check your lists or any item of the list you had chosen.

In addition, you can make a thread of LEDs inside the backpack to make you see what in the bag without turning on any lights.

All this features you can make its control and programming using an Arduino.

Step 1: Writing Your Code

We are going use Arduino for programming the TFT LCD touch screen.

we should download specific libraries to can use your screen and use it.

I had attached the library here to make it easier as there is many libraries does not work, Also I attached the code if you want to make it.

Step 2: Final Product

After writing your code you should make casing for your screen so you can put it in your back bag then you can make a cut in your bag to can use it .



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