Smart Basket (Intel IoT)

Introduction: Smart Basket (Intel IoT)

Youtube Link for the demo of project is here:

Youtube Link for the project

For instruction to the project, please read through the project report.

For pushing data to the cloud, we user cylon.js and node.js .

1. Cylon.js is used to read the data from the sensor through the Analog port of the intel edison. node.js is used to push the data to the cloud.

2. For getting information about cylon.js, go to the link:

3. For node.js, go to the documentation given on parse cloud of how to upload data to parse:

4. Both the scripts are to be run together, so when running cylon.js use file IO in node.js : "fs" library to save data into a file. Then in node.js for pushing the data, use file io again to read the data from the file and push it. For running the node and cylon together include system call to node.js inside cylon.js, on the intel edison's terminal screen. Now, when you run cylon.js: "node cylon.js", node.js is automatically run after the file is saved inside cylon.js.

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