Smart Bus Booking System Using BOLT Micro-controller

Hello there fellow inventors,

I wish to share some experience that me and my team gained while creating a Smart bus booking system project, which led me to use an Arduino,and the amazing BOLT micro-controller.


While travelling through a bus have you ever wondered that can we book a seat before hand, check whether a seat is broken or not, which seat is occupied and which is not??. Then this project is all for you. This can be implemented in buses with no problem and it easily shows a seat's availability and condition with the help of led lights and a web-based application.


Basically you can use an arduino and a bolt micro-controller and connect them via a WIFI (inbuilt in the bolt micro-controller).To add more challenge we've designed a circuit which uses force sensor's output and process it to change the color of the led and also update the web app. After reading this instructable you'll be able to create your very own smart bus booking system from scratch !

Parts Required :-

  • Bolt IOT platform
  • Arduino Pro
  • LED s
  • Breadboards
  • Jumper wires
  • Force measurement device
  • switch

Made By :-

Kunal Dhawan
(Electronics and Communication Engineering)

Vedant Rathore (Chemical Engineering)

Anup Agrawal (Computer Science Engineering)

Afzal Ahmad (Electronics and Electrical Engineering)

Step 1: Assembling the Hardware

Firstly connect the bolt IOT platform to the arduino and then connect the whole system to breadboard and then to the respective LED's with the help of jumper wires. For reference see the diagram shown above.

Please make sure that the LED's are connected the correct respective pins.

Some tips for this step:

  • Keep it simple and clean
  • Try to connect the BOLT and the arduino correctly

Step 2: Uploading the Software

Download Advanced IP scanner (Windows) and then find the ip address of the bolt platform with the help of the oftware.

Let's say the IP address is . So enter this Ip in your browser (The computer and bolt must be connected on the same network )

The Bolt IOT main page should appear. Click on configure and enter the SSID and password on which the bolt iot is connected.

Now goto and upload file on the bolt platform.

Make a server an paste server files (Use WAMP for windows).

Now open another laptop and upload arduino code to it.

All the code files are available

Now Enjoy the project is done!!!

Step 3: Made by :-



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    2 years ago

    Had an enjoyable experience doing this project !


    2 years ago

    Had fun making it