Smart Car Parking



Introduction: Smart Car Parking

This is an Iot based project. Here the Number of empty car parking of a shopping mall is Upload to website, so that people can find the empty car parking remotely from Home or while driving and park their cars easily without any trouble

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials required are
  • LinkitONE
  • Proximity sensor

Software :Arduino IDE

Step 2: Making

Connect the Proximity sensor to ADC of LinkitONE. It is used to detect the presence of car. An array of proximity sensor are laid in parking area to count the empty car parkings.

Create an account at ThingSpeak website ( and Create a Channel , add visualization of your own choice. I made a table using Javascript to display the car parking details...

Visualization javascript

You can add graph, gauge,etc to you channel...... Be sure to change the channel id in Visualization...

Now note your Write api key of your channel

LinkitONE code:

LinkitONE code

LInkitONE is used to count the number of empty car parking area through proximity sensor attached to ADC.

Then connect to your home WiFi network by providing the SSID and Password.

Once the LinkitONE is connected to WiFi..Start connecting to ThingSpeak website and Print the data i.e number of empty car parking area as String.

Thats it have fun........!!!

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