Smart Cardboard Folder

The cardboard packaging from your desk luminaire doesn't always belong in the bin. Imagine recycling your package by reusing it in a nice way.

That's what I did, in a challenge for Smurfit Kappa. I transformed the cardboard box into a folder. But Why a folder? Because if you take a closer look at the context of a desk luminaire, a folder fits in perfectly.

Excited? Take a look!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


-a long cardboard box (minimum dimensions: 580mm x 320mm x 80mm)

-an elastic


-a cutter

-a triangle ruler

-a pencil

-a ruler (the longer the better)

Step 2: Copy the Drawing on Your Cardboard Box

As you can see on the first picture with the dimensions, you have 2 flaps, one at the top and one at the bottom. I made sure that there where the cardboard folds (red line on the 2nd picture), you also fold the 2 flaps.

In that way, you can easily enlarge your product by ysing the folded carboard edges.

Step 3: Cut Out the Drawing

When you've cutted out your cardboard, you must have a shape of a cross (check picture above).

Step 4: Fold Your Product

When you've cutted your shape, you can fold it.

First you fold the green plaines to the inside. Then you fold the red plain. And finally you fold the orang plain.

Step 5: Make the Holes and Add the Rubber

I created the holes with my pencil. Check the dimensions above.

You put the elastic trough the holes.

Step 6: Ready to Use

Now you have your folder, feel free personalise it.


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