Smart Desk

Introduction: Smart Desk

This Instructables for Smart Desk.

Goal of this project is managing the time for students or someone who needs to manage their time.

Through our Smart Desk people can count up how they spend time on their desk.

We used the

-LCD display

-Light Resistor

-Push Button



1. LCD display shows the time: how much did they spend time (working as a timer)

2. Push button is used to check the users sit down or sit up

3. Light resistor is used to check the light around the user.

4. LED worked as a light on the desk, through the light resistor value, check the environment near user is dark or bright, if it's enough dark near user, automatically turn on the light(led).

Step 2: Settings Before Start

Consideration for Intel Edison Board

We used the Edison board. To get started, we needed to do some settings.

1. Connect the Edison to Wifi

- Before you connect, go into the setting of network setting of your computer. In the properties section, you need to set the ip address.

- In the putty, use the instruction 'configure_edison --wifi'

cf) if the putty is not working check the settings again.

2. if the edison board is not working, update the image file of the edison board. It will figure the most problems.

Step 3: Connect the Sensor

We added 5 header file to connect the sensor.

Through the picture, you can notice which header file used each sensor.

For more help, when you add the header file such as mraa.hpp, you need to correct the settings.

-Settings- properties- find the location of header file located - add the 'mraa'

Step 4: Digital Input Sensor

For digital input sensor,

1. connect the sensor on board.

2. Find the number of port, you used

3. Correct the port number on your code. It needs to be same.

if you see the picture, 'gpio' is connected with port 6

As same with this, you can connect the analog input.

Step 5: LCD Display

For LCD display we used the function of

1. set cursor - set the location of word

2. write - display the word

also using the light->color function you can change the color of back ground.

Step 6: Finish

When you done with these steps.

You can see the counts are going up when you press the button and when you touch the light sensor, led will turn on

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