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Introduction: Smart Drive Wind Turbine

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This is my smart drive wind turbine, its based round the smart drive alternators out of a smart drive washing machine. It is capable of producing a maximum of 1.6 kw's, most of the parts i found around my house and the blades are carved from wood. all the electronics i made myself so they are simple but effective. there is now a full step by step at This is perfect for off grid properties.



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    pretty neat, I'd love to see how you did everything, especially carving the blades, they look nice. How do you keep your smartdrives from cogging in low wind?

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    Step by step is now up hope you like it!!

    Very nice!!! sounds like this actually puts out enough to be of practical value. I would love to see a complete tutorial on this.

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    Thanks!!! I've just moved house so the wind turbine has been pack up but when i set it up again i will make a full tutorial.