Smart Dustbin

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There are many different kinds of trash can you can buy, but you definitely can't buy one of these bad boys. This is a modern looking advanced wastebasket that I've made. Because I got nothing else better to do during the winter, I'm just kidding I got several projects lined up.

Step 1: Materials and Component Needed

To build this project, you'll need some components. A servo, an esp8266, copper wires, IR sensor, some 5mm LEDs and an arduino. I'm using my own avr board but any kind of microcontroller would work fine. For the tools, you'll need soldering equipment, a 3D Printer, and a laser cutter. And you'll also need some acrylic sheets and finally a cheap plastic dustbin.

Step 2: 3D Print + Laser Cut

Grab the CAD files I've made for this project from my GitHub and print and laser cut the parts we will need. If you're using a different trashcan, you could try modifying my model but I'd recommend that you re-design it to suit your needs. (

Step 3: Assembly & Wiring

Assemble all the 3D Printed/Laser Cutted parts, Servo, Circuit, and LEDs onto your trashcan and get everything wired up according to the schematic provided in the video. I'm using my own AVR Development board but I'd recommend makers to use an Arduino and a Shield instead.

Step 4: Coding

The source code can be found on the same GitHub repository.I'm using the Blynk app to control this smart device so ensure you have the correct VirtualWire selected in your app if your dustbin isn't working correctly.

Step 5: You're Done!

Hope that you've followed along this journey and learn something new. This project is certainly going to impress your coworker, friends, housemates, or your family!

Enjoy using your beautiful Smart Dustbin!



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