Smart Dustbin Using Arduino, Ultrasonic Sensor & Servo Motor

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to make a smart bin using arduino.


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Arduino Uno 1 x 1

Ultrasonic sensor 1 x 1

SG90 Servo Motor 1 x 1

Dust bin 1 x 1

jumper wires few

Battery 9v 1 x 1

battery cap 1 x 1

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Step 1: Soldier Some Jumpers and Wires As Shown in the Picture

Before using the Arduino, make some jumpers with soldering to connect ultrasonic sensor to arduino

SG90 servo motor to arduino

Make two female connectors at one end and one male connectors at the other end. because arduino have only one +5v.

connect the DC pin to the battery cap.

Step 2: Make a Hardware As Per the Circuit Diagram and Download the Code to Test Manually

make the hardware as per the circuit diagram and download the code from the attachment.

Test the hardware by showing an obstacle or hand infront of the ultrasonic sensor and check the servo motors working. if everything works fine. Assemble the Smart Bin

Step 3: Make the Relevent Holes on the Dustbin

First hole to connect the ultrasonic

second hole to tie the servo motor

third hole to place the arduino and tie it with tag to make it as a non movable.

Step 4: Fix the Components in the Suitable Hole and Tie It With the Tags

Fix the components in the suitable hole, so that it can be constant in the presented area.

Step 5: Connect the Jumper Wire to the Components and Connect It With the Arduino Board

Connect the jumper wire between the ultrasonic sensor and arduino as per the circuit diagram.

Similarly connect the jumper wire between the servo motor and the arduino board.

Fix the movable stand with the servo motor so that it can open the dustbin.

Step 6: Fix the Battery and Enjoy the Smart Bin

Fix the +9v battery to the arduino uno board.

close the dustbin

show the waste paper in front of the ultrasonic sensor, the smart bin will open..

Enjoy the bin

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