Smart Express

(1)University Introduction

Shanghai JiaoTong University(SJTU) is a top university in China. Engineering is one of the best expertise in SJTU. The Joint Institute is a famous institute SJTU, also the institute has win a lot of honors all over the world. The Joint Institute is established to become a leading international research institute which educates innovative future leaders. In JI, we construct a model university which emulates the successful experience of the University of Michigan. We focus on the practical experience which is so important for engineer. The VG100- intro to engineering, is designed to cultivate the practical ability for freshman.

(2)Team Introduction

Our group name is Nut. Nut is formed by four young engineers who have lots of great idea to change our live better. We have a wide range knowledge about structure design and computer programming. This instructable tells the details about our smart express project, which is a effective solution to the package detection and express company qualification. Our objective is to make Chinese express industry more regulated and better developed.

(3)Project Introduction

Our project name is "smart express", a functional package. Most express companies in China lacks of regulation so that the package broken incident is easily happening and difficult to determine the responsibility. In order to solve this problem, we need to detect key physical information that can reflect the status of the package in delivery to inform the customers and collect these data to qualify the express company. Our product-smart express is the solution that can meet these needs. Our smart express can detect the sever crash and pierce, also we are able to record the location and give feedback to customer immediately.

Bulleted list of the major problems

1.Difficult to get the instaneous status of the package

2.Unknown treatment to the package in delivery

3.No standard qualification for express company

Bulleted list of the major needs

1.Varied detectors that can detect package crash

2.Location record

3.Designed device to detect piercing

4.Data feedback system

Bulleted list of the major solutions

1.Crash detect device

2.Pierce detect device

3.Instantaneous GPS location equipment

4.Convenient feedback and search system

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Step 1: Concept Diagram

The figure is the concept diagram that better illustrate the solution to the problems and needs. The system is enclosed in the parcels.It consists of three parts: the STM32 board, the Arduino board, and the enameled wire. The STM32 board integrates four individual modules: the GPS, the GPRS, theGSM, and the accelerometer. Figure X shows the connection of ecah components logically.

1.Crash Detection

The acceleration is measured with respect to time. The flow chart shows the detection of crash accidents. When the acceleration becomes much larger in a small time interval and decreases sharply after the time interval, the impulse is a large value in such circumstance. The GPS coordinate will be recorded and a warning message will be sent to the user.

2.Pierce Detection

The current signal is measured by the Arduino. When the enameled wire is conductive, the I/O signal detected by the Arduino is 1; while it is broken, the signal would be 0 instead. In such case, the GPS coordinate will also be recorded and the warning message will be sent to the user. Figure X shows how the circuit is built.

Step 2: Material List

42RMB($6.77USD) Arduino UNO R3

200RMB($32.26USD) STM32 Developing Board

50RMB($8.06USD) Foamed plastic EPS

5RMB($0.81USD) DuPont Line

5RMB($0.81USD) Enameled Wire

12RMB($1.94USD) Lithium battery, 3.7V 800mAh

5RMB($0.81USD) Express Box TypeX

Step 3: Connect STM32 Board With Li-Battery

The STM32 board needs at least 3.7V power to work. An 800 mAh Li-battery is used to give power to the board to drive all the modules. The battery is bought on and connected to the board by spigot.

Step 4: Connected Enameled Wire With Arduino Board

The enameled wire plays a role as the switch in the circuit. When it is conductive, the signal read by the I/O of the Arduino board is 1; while when it is broken, the I/O signal would be 0. The first figure shows the concept of the circuit. Another figure shows the connection of the wires.

Step 5: Connected the Arduino Board With STM32 Board

The Arduino communicate with the STM32 board to send the I/O signal. They are connected via gorge. The figure shows the connection of the circuit. Figure 2 shows the whole connection.

Step 6: Fix All the Component

Then we need to fix all the component, STM32 board, Arduino board, battery together into a thin and stable layer. In this step, we use foamed plastic to contain these component.

Finally, we put this layer and pierce detection in to a package.

Step 7: Programming

1. We need to download the integrated development

environment of the STM32 chip called “Keil MDK” on .

2. Assemble driver libraries for GPS, GPRS and acceleration modules from official sites according to manufacturer.

3. Write programs to implement function of detecting collision, pierce and sending message to a remote server and mobile phones. Also, we should implement a virtual communication port on the board to send and receive data via the u-art port on the STM32 chip with Keil MDK.

4. Implement a port-listening program to listen TCP port on a server and receive data asynchronously. After receiving data, it should commit it to a database and save it for further use.

5. Build a website containing two pages: the first page has an input box for searching the waybill number of customers, and a result page to present real-time status of customers' packages.

6. At the back-end of the website, we just need to plug in Baidu Map™ API and a script to retrieve data from the data base we just mention about.

Note: All the source code we used in this project is available at .

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