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About: I'm currently new to the world of electronics design and like to spend my spare time putting things together then playing computer games. You may call me a hacker(Not as in I crack passwords) the good kind...
The Smart Fan is a self controlled fan and is operational by simply setting a on and off time and it's applications can be used in anyway you can think of for cooling or moving air in areas keeping the temperature in moderation then leaving the fan on all the time and wasting energy. You can use this device for kitchens and rooms that get warm in the night or day, and don't want to keep hearing a fan constantly and maybe making it too cold. The project is small, easy to use, and it's recommended it uses 10v-13v DC to operate it.

I used the PIC 12F675, because it's small and was basically made for time based applications. The hole idea of this project was to use parts I already had. Though it would be nice to add a new temperature detecting feature so if it does get warm the fan would turn on by it's self, but with little time I didn't get the chance.

If you look at the video this is how to use it:

Key Parts and Tools I Used I Couldn't Do Without:
PIC 12F675
PIC Kit 1
Great Cow Basic
5v Voltage Regulator
5v Relay
(FAN) Shuttle, Model: AD0912UX-A7BGL

Thanks for reading!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    hi Ajm,

    not to be negative here but perhaps you could include some detail about the building of this "smart fan" controller and how to build one ?

    enjoy building