Smart Glove for Dumb

Hii Friends Today I will Show this instructable how to make diy Glove for Dumb

We see that sometimes the dumb people who live do not speak and when they go to the hospital and are admitted, a nurse is kept with them

That whenever the dumb wants something, he does not understand the nurse

In view of this, I have made this glove. The specialty of this glove is that if a dumb man wants to ask for something, just once his fingerTo bump into the finger, as soon as he does this, the message will come on our mobile that the dumb man is asking for something


  • Arduino UNO
  • Blutooth Module HC-05
  • Jumper Wires
  • Smartphone
  • Glove

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Step 1: Connection


Hc 05

Step 2: Programming

Step 3: App Inventor


Thanks Instructable for your Supporting

Step 4: Done

Thanks for watching

Step 5: Mit App Inventor 2

Oen Google and search Mit app inventor

And make your Own app

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    4 Discussions


    1 day ago

    Very interesting and creative project - thank you for sharing it! Your work shows imagination, and clever use of readily available materials. It would be interesting to potentially expand your idea of the app and sensing glove with additional position sensing,to create an ASL finger-spelling translation glove.

    (To FancySocksMan and AACSLP33 , may I point out that the phrasing here indicates that English is not the first language of the poster, and translation apps often fail to capture nuance or idiom. This is clearly case where no offense should be taken, as no offense was intended.)


    10 days ago

    As Fancy Socks Man said: the use of dumb is offensive. The correct term to use is non-verbal, minimally verbal or non-vocal. Being non-verbal does not necessarily mean you can not comprehend what others are saying to you. Instructables should remove your post until it is re-written.


    12 days ago

    What exactly are you referring to with the statement "dumb"? Are you referring to someone who is unable to speak? The statement "dumb" is seen as outdated and offensive, I would encourage you to modify your Instructable in light of this. Additionally, it appears that you are referring to someone who is unable to hear or speak, which is far from the original definition of "dumb".