Smart Helmet

Smart helmet ?? yup a helmet that detects free fall i.e accident and informs to the predefined number and also uploads the location of the accident.....

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Step 1: Materials Required

1) LinkitONE

2) ADXL345 accelerometer

3) Push Button

4) Sim card

Step 2: Working

I used the free fall algorithm to detect the accident.... to know more about accelerometer in free fall watch this video accelerometer in freefall

To use the free fall algorithm download the Adxl345 library and paste it in the arduino library folder

I found the free fall algorithm from the jarzebski's github

Adxl345 library

Once the free Fall is detected the LinkitOne produces alarm for 10 seconds....... If u found that its an false alarm then press the button connected to D2 of LinkitONE.

else after 10 seconds Linkitone messages the predefined content to the predefined phone number........Not only this It also fetches the current location using GPS and uploads it to ThingSpeak website

You can download the code for LinkitOne from below link

Smart Helmet

Example of google map Visualization Javascript API for ThingSpeak website
Google map in ThingSpeak

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    2 years ago

    Dude this is so cool. What is the total cost of this though. And also can I hook my smart phone up to it? Thanks man.