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Innovation of new thing is always dependent on laziness or passion but i am lying in both category. So i decided to make smart home to control electric equipment for my laziness nature. I have created this project from scratch to feel software and hardware wiring in my way. Lets start

Note: There are many home automation available with use of already existing software.

Step 1: Components Required

All that you need is:

Hardware Required

  • Raspberry Pi
  • 5v Relay module click
  • 5v adapter
  • WiFi USB transceiver click
  • One box
  • Some wire


  • Rails server (version 4)
  • Ruby
  • Gitlab code click
  • IP detector

Step 2: Assembly (Hardware and Software)

  1. Get one box 6X6 inch
  2. Make some small hole in box for wire
  3. Very carefully make connection with relay module
  4. Please look all picture for more reference
  5. Connect all GPIO connection with relay module
  6. Add 5V power supply via adapter
  7. Add WiFI module to work on network(If you are using RPI 3 then don't need)
  8. Download code from GitLab

Step 3: Effort Output

You can add some picture to look good for your stuff.I hope this instructable will get some attention to develop smart home with more sensors like motion,email alert, sms alert for more consumable appliances.

Step 4: Installation

  • Add all stuff into box with relay connection
  • Put all stuff into box as per your convenient (As shown in picture)
  • Make wire connection with your existing switches
  • Make sure your WIFI module out of the box for better indication
  • Put all the switch in off mode
  • If your WiFi system down then you can also use your existing switch

Open application IP in any browser to control electric equipment.

Enjoy !!

Amit Kushwaha



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    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks buddy for your appriciation


    1 year ago

    This is really a great invention. I will try to implement same for me as it is done by Raspberry Pi.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for your valuable comment.

    Sure i am happy to help

    Let me know if you need more information for this