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Introduction: Smart Home PVC Light Fixture

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Tired of a boring old standard light fixture in your room? Have some fun and build your own designer light with PVC conduit !

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Step 1: Ideas for Building Blocks for Your Custom Designed Light Fixture ....

  • 1 x Plastic (PVC) round electrical outlet with top and 1/2 inch round conduit (plastic tube) sockets on each side.
  • 4 x 90 degree PVC elbows
  • 2 x metal outdoor lamp holders
  • 2 x plastic PVC 1/2 threaded adaptors
  • 2 x pigtail lamp holders

Step 2: Attach Some Extensions

  • Glue using solvent cement the 90 degree elbows into the junction box
  • One for each side... four in total
  • Don't forget to punch out or drill a hole through the junction box so you can pass your electrical wires

Step 3: Install Pigtail Lampholders

  • If necessary, add some extra wire by extending the length of the pigtails from the lamp holder so that it easily reaches well through the 90 degree elbows and exposes at least 6 extra inches or so from inside the conduit box
  • Pull the pigtail wires through the attached 90 degree elbows, and up into the conduit box.
  • Repeat this for all four 90 degree elbows.
  • Using standard electrical wire tape, any color of your choice, wrap around the base of the lamp holder and overlaps the 90 degree elbow. If needed, you may also apply some PVC cement solvent first prior to inserting into the elbow for added strength.
  • If you have to extend the length of the pigtails, be certain to solder the extension wires such that the connection is firm and strong. Then, be certain to well wrap the soldered extensions with electrical tape to protect the wires from shorting.
  • Again, the end step here is to pull the pigtails (with extensions) through the elbows and into the conduit box with sufficient extra length to twist lock all the wires at one of the next steps.
  • If you do solder extensions to the pigtails, it is always wise to use some apply a small amount of resin (flux) to the wire prior to heating the wires and applying solder. This will ensure a much stronger connection.

Step 4: Have Fun With Your Design ... or Keep It Simple!

  • Decide if you wish to enhance your light fixture with some added spot lights for some extra flair.
  • Drill 1/2 inch holes through the plastic PVC lid of the round conduit box.
  • Slowly screw the electrical lamp holders and secure them with the 1/2 conduit adapter on the inside.
  • Now you should have something that looks like the final picture above.

Step 5: Hookup to Your Homes Existing Electrical Cables

  • Be certain that you have disconnected power at your homes circuit breakers, then remove your old light fixture.
  • Drill a final 1/2 inch hold through the base of the PVC conduit box so that you may pull through the pre-existing black and white wires into your new light fixture.
  • Twist lock all the white wires from each source lamp holder, grouping all the white wires and the black wires separately to ensure the proper polarity for our LED light bulbs.

Step 6: Now Test Your Own Custom Made Light Fixture !

Some other ideas, if you are more adventurous .... you can use 2 inch PVC pipe for central vacuums, with associated elbows and t-connectors hide cabling throughout your room in plain site!

Finally, if you are truly want to make a custom look and feel for your whatever room in your home would possibly benefit from the industrial use and look of this unique combination of PVC pipe on the surface of your walls!

Hide your cables for your flat screen TV in plain site!

Many other uses.... Enjoy !

p.s. for the most adventurous and willing to part with all your savings by constructing your light fixtures out of inexpensive PVC material, purchase a Phillips Hue full color RGB LED bulb to use in your new light fixture.... yeah, the budget was just shot... check out the video at the start of this Instructable to see what's possible!

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    This is a great cost effective way to set it up :)