Smart Human Rover

Introduction: Smart Human Rover

Hello guys.. This is HIND-RO and it is made by myself (Manish Kumar), Diwakar Pal, Deepak Gupta.


  1. Hand Shake (with Introduction)
  2. Face Detection
  3. Object Detection
  4. Sentiment Analysis
  5. Text to Speech

Upcoming Features....

  1. Newspaper Reading

  2. Yawn/ Eye Count

  3. Face Recognition

  4. Self Learning

  5. Digit Recognition

  6. IOT

  7. Distance measure through Camera

Comparisons with others...

  1. Made 70% body out of waste

  2. Cheaper

  3. Many features

  4. Faster movement when using wheels instead of legs

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Step 1: Components Required

  • Servo Motors
  • Raspberry-pi
  • Arduino Mega
  • Wires
  • Battery
  • Pi camera
  • Acrylic sheet
  • DC motors
  • PVC pipes
  • LEDs
  • LCD 20x4
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor

Step 2: Base Part

  • First we attached 4 DC motor to the acrylic sheet for making a base to move forward, backward, left and right then take pvc pipes (diameter- 1cm) and attached on the top of the acrylic sheet and in the middle of the acrylic sheet make a hole for taking out the wires of the diameter and the wires are coming through inside the pipe which is located in the middle.
  • when u put the pipes on the acrylic sheet each pipe will be on equal distance from the sides of the acrylic sheet because if the pipes are not in the equal distance the upper part will not be set properly and the entire model will fall down.
  • Wheels are attached to the DC motor and your wish is which types of pipes u used for moving the bot like tank wheels, simple wheels, etc.

Step 3: Upper Part

  • I design upper part like shown in the picture, its your wish that how you will design for your bot.
  • In my design inside the body i attached LCD 20x4 which is showing Introduction of the robot which is first part of the bot and second after some time it will display temperature and distance from the object.
  • I attached 4 servo motor (MG996r) and 1 small servo for making one hand and fix them for proper hand movement.
  • On one hand i attached one dht11 on the palm of the hand and on other hand i attached IR sensor for holding a object.
  • At the bottom of the LCD there is a ultrasonic sensor for measuring the distance and showing the distance on the LCD, the ultrasonic sensor place will be show in the main image of the bot.

Step 4: Head

  • Head is made up of a plastic transparent jar and in the head there will be two blue LEDs for giving the look of eyes and a Pi-Camera for image recognition, object tracking and the pi-cam is attached to the raspberry-pi.
  • In raspberry-pi the code is in the python language for the camera and the output is showing through the VNC viewer.

Step 5: Journey

Step 6:

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