Smart Lock

Introduction: Smart Lock


Step 1: Smart Lock

Introduction: We looked for a problem, to which the

team members agreed that carrying keys was one of them. Since you need one key for each lock you have, a lot of bulk is generated. Many times they get lost and it is uncomfortable to be carrying them everywhere you go. In case you are in a hurry, looking for the correct key takes allot of time, so how can we minimize this problem?

We came up with a smart lock. But what is a smart lock?

It is a device that with the use of a button that the user adjusts a specific combination f controls one or more locks. With the finality of not carrying a bunch of keys that sometimes you don’t even use.

This will save the users time and increase security in the house by having an alarm that will sound in case the code is not entered properly. The lock will close by itself after a few seconds after the code has been entered and the lock has been opened.

Step 2: Material and Code

Material: • DragonBoard kit • Button sensor • Grave buzzer sensor • 96Boards shield • Lock (in this case a servo motor) • Material for the model of the house Methods: • With the help of the DragonBoard Kit, an Arduino program was created which allowed us to synchronize the button with the servo and to be able to move it to the user's disposal by choosing the combination of clicks on the button that the bearer wants. •Program:


const int button2pin = 7;

const int buttonpin = 4;

const int buzzerpin = 5;

Servo servo1;

int clave=4;

int r = 0;

int b = 0;

void setup(){

pinMode(button2pin, INPUT);

pinMode(buttonpin, INPUT);

pinMode(buzzerpin, OUTPUT);


servo1.write(5); //Valor inicial del servo


void loop() {

int activador = digitalRead(button2pin);

int pressed = digitalRead(buttonpin);

if (activador==1){

r= r+1;





b= b+1;












//cierra if pressed


•Its been installed in a small scale door to demonstrate its operation.

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