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Introduction: Smart Motion Ring

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Hello, this is a smart ring which i have made. This ring gives you the ability of controlling the mouse pointer with just your finger, so lets get started......

Step 1: Materials

1.Aluminium foil
2.Infra Red LED
4.3 button cells
5.An elastic braslet or band
6.Sealing adhesive (clay can be. used) I have used m-seal.
9.Some wire
10.A pc with a webcam

Step 2: SETUP

First measure and cut the band according to your finger then take 2 strips of aluminium foil and bend both of them as shown in the picture.
Now take all the button cells and tape them in series. Now the aluminum foil strips can be taped on the both side of the battery.


This is the blue print of the ring...

Step 4: Soft Circuit

Attach the wire to one terminal of your switch, and then conect all the things to the band in series as shown in the blueprint and then check your circuit that it is working or not.

Step 5: Making the Body

Now our circuit skeleton is ready and we can cover it by our sealing adhesive to make the ring body......

Step 6: Ring Finished

Now let the body dry and then you can use it on your computer after setting up the software.

Step 7: Software and Calibration

The software needed for the ring is actually a head tracking software named Freetrack which you can download from the internet, it mainly tracks ir leds so it will also track the ring..
Just change the default settings to the settings shown in the images.
1.Set source to your webcam (in my case it was hp webcam 101).
2.Adjust your threshold according to your need.
3.Go to the output section and enable mouse output.
4.Go to the Setup section and select 1single point
Then to start tracking click on start in the cam section
To use your ring you just wear it press and hold the button and take your finger in front of the webcam, as long as the button is been pressed the ir led will glow and been tracked by the computer. BEST OF LUCK.........

Step 8: Thankings

Thank you for seeing this intructable and if you liked it please vote it in the WEAR IT and Glove box gadget contest please. And if you have any problems releated to this Ring you can ask me in the comments section.And I hope you like it.

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    5 years ago

    I'd love to see a video if this. It's really cool and I'd like to see how it works


    Reply 5 years ago

    thanxxxx, and it works very nice and i will soon put a video of it.