Smart Phone Wrist Mount With Charger

Introduction: Smart Phone Wrist Mount With Charger

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A simple wrist band, that can savely hold a smartpone and charge it with a power bank.

These days, there are very cool smart watches, but they still have limited functionality and writst mounted terminals from old scifi movies looked more like this.

The writst band is much smaller than the phone which is held at an angle, allwoing to weare a shirt, of jacket partly over the writst band, but with the phone on top.

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Step 1: You Need

1 plastic bottle

1 gummi glove

some tape

1 phone stand and charger

1 clothes peg

1 pair of scissors

1 stapler with a few staples

20 minutes

Step 2: The Wrist Band

cut the wrist band from the middle part of the bottle.

Cut the middle part open, so that you get a broad stripe.

The edges are not very sharp, but it's more comfortable to glue tape over them.

Use velcro fastener to hold the wrist band closed. To do so glue two stripes of velcro fastener tape along the direction that the band wraps around the wrist. Place the two stipes of the corresponding velcro fastener on the stripes you glued on the whristband and remove the cover on the glue area. Then hold the wrist band closed, so that the stripes are pressed against the plastic.

Secure the velcro fastener with a staple on each side.

Step 3: The Phone Holder

The phone holder has to be modified a bit, to hold the phone savely, even when the wearer gestures and uses his hands. This is achived by cutting the wrist part form a single use golove and rolling tape around it. The so created elastic band is fixed to the phone holder, so that two loops can be dragged over the upper corners of the phone.

remove the spring form the clothing peg and glue one side to the phone holder, the other side to the whrist band. Connect the two parts of the clothing peg with tape.

Step 4: Usage

Wear the whrist mount, so that the phone points towards the elbow. Secure the phone with the elastic band on the upper corners.

I carried the charger cable back through the sleeve. For me the cable on the charger is only long enought to use when the power bank is in a chest pocket. It should be no problem to leave it dangling under the shirt, if secured with a bit of tape.

It wears more stable than is looks, but just as clunky. One has to be a bit careful not to hit the phone into anything.

Thanks for reading


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1 year ago

This is a joke, right? Anyone leaving the house looking like that will be locked up.


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ok I see what you mean now, that part was a bit imprecise. Thank you :)