Smart Plant(farm)

This is Smart Plant with Ethernet and in arduino.

Ethernet is WIZnet W5500 Ethernet shiled. It is very easy possible using the ethernet. Ethernet or internet is originally using TCP/IP Protocol communication. And originally TCP/IP Stack is Software. But, W5500 is solved TCP/IP Protocol 4 Layer. So, It is very easy possible ethernet.

Component List

1. WizArduino 2ea (12V input, 3.3V operation)

2. PM1001, Dust Sensor

3. DHT22, Temperature & Humidity Sensor

4. Rain Sensor

5. Moisture Sensor

6. DWP-385 WATER PUMP (DC Motor)

7. Transistor 2ea (Relay control)

8. Relay 2ea (5V input, maximum 220V)

9. DC FAN motor (12V input)

Step 1: Configuration

Smart plant is All Sensor connection.

make order is.. First, I configurations each sensor. hardware (schematic) , Sortware (Arduino IDE). And final configuration to each sensors.

Step 2: Software.

This project is using cloud(Ubidots).

Source code is bellow URL.



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    2 years ago

    the link of code is not available