Smart Recycling: Reading Glass + Safety Glass = Durable Dual Purpose Eye Glass. I Finished It Up at TechShop.

Introduction: Smart Recycling: Reading Glass + Safety Glass = Durable Dual Purpose Eye Glass. I Finished It Up at TechShop.

      For years, I kept replacing my reading glasses not because my vision changes too frequently.  Irregardless of the purchased cost of reading glasses, they all are relatively flimsy.  They break instantly if they drop off the ground, got squeezed in our pockets, or under the pillow.
      I finally decided that was enough and I need to find a solution to this problem.  I paused and thought hard what could be done.  In my thought, a lot of people must be having the same problem as myself.  What can we do to avoid repeat expenses?
      How could I reinforce the reading glass frames and make it last significantly longer.
      After 3 minutes of thought, I found a way.  It won't cost a lot to others and it could be done within a minute.

     To reinforce reading glass strength and make it durable.

      * Break off the side arms of the reading glasses at their joints. I found that a mix of bending and twisting is best way to remove the side arms without my bare hands.  If metallic frame, we need to cut off with a metal nipper.   Best yet, is to find old broken reading glasses.
      * Sand the join to smooth and take out any sharp edges... to prevent future injuries.
      * Put the lens and frame inside the safety glass (see picture).
      * Tie it with a rubber band.  Fold down one of the side arm during this step.  I could replace this with something more elegant in the future. 

       * After 1 minute of assembly, the finish product is ready to wear.
       * Using the safety glass frame, it feels better on my nose and ears.
       * I can see with same clarity.
       * Because the lens are inside the safety glass, I think it would take less frequent cleaning.
       * If I need to have an full cleaning, I would simply separate them, give them a thorough cleaning and attached them back again.
       * I love my new glass particularly because it has my favorite patriotic Red White and Blue colors.
       * As a bonus, I could use this dual purpose eye glass to work in Metal Shop, Wood Shop and Milling Room at TechShop.

       * I happen to have a few safety glasses around, so it did not cost me any money for this project.  I was able to get back to work within minutes.
       * If you need to buy one, find one that you like best and most comfortable to wear.
       * Since the safety glass I used is quite inexpensive, both side arms has rough edgy surface.  I used very fine grade sand paper to smooth them out.
       * If you apply any adhesive or super glue to mend a broken frame, be sure that the glue is TOTALLY CURED before
wearing it.  Don't even think of test wearing it.  Uncured super glue close to the eye is very dangerous and could cause eye injury leading to blindness.

      This writer is not an expert and not liable to any injury resulting from suggestions (expressed or implied).   Make sure the frame won't snap and break.  No hard force should be required to fit the 2 glass surfaces.  Rubber would creep and fail over time and due to hot or cold temperature and cause failure in the rubber and the bonding describe above.  Never try this without adult approval and supervision.
       Consult your eye doctor if in doubt.

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