Smart Recycling: Twisty Tie + Lanyard = Charging Cable Wire Management Tie. Like It for TechShop!

    Oftentimes, we went to conferences and shows, we would get back home a few lanyards.  They come in different widths (1/4" or 1/2").  They are all so nice and could have logo of our favorite brands.  At some events, they encourage people to recycle the plastic. 
    For people with a lot of different electronic devices, charging cable often create a mess at home or office desks.   Many end up buying bands to keep them tidy.   They are inexpensive nowadays.  But there is an alternative and would cost nothing to make.

    To recycle lanyards and convert to elegant cable wire tie.
    To manage home and office desk wire mess from multiple devices.

   * Gather twisty ties.  They could come from bag of loaf of bread, items with electrical wires, etc. 
   * Gather old lanyards from conference or shows. 
   * Make loops of your charging cable. 
   * Wrap the lanyard around the cable.
   * Use a twisty tie to join the lanyard.
   * Cut to size with scissor.

   * I think it is just and fair to keep the logo visible.  It not only look nice but give credit to the sponsor.
   * If you have access to a sewing machine, it would be nice to make a dozen and keep them handy.
   * With the twisty tie, you could make the tail ends longer and pull the end to tighten the loop.
   * Pat ourselves in the back for being part of Save the Earth movement! 



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    doo da do

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea, seen on inst they used a coin roll. Thought that was a good one also.