Smart SMS Powered Air Conditioner Using LinkitONE




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Want to make your AC start cooling on SMS? Imagine you are out, and you are coming back home. Then won't you like if you just sms a string and your AC gets on in summer days!

Here i'll show you how you can build a simple SMS powered AC using your LinkitONE board!


Step 1: What Do You Need?

1 . LinkitONE board

2. AC

3. Breadboard

5. LinkitONE GSM antena

6. Battery pack

7. Relay module

Step 2: Hacking Into the AC!

Now let's hack into the AC!

We'll need to find places where we can connect a relay. So keep searching for for places where you can attach a simple relay. It could be your plug socket, or a wire joint. Once you find that, move to the next step.

Step 3: Connecting a Relay

Now attach a relay to the system. Just take out the power plug, fix the relay into the breadboard, and tape up everything.

Be careful as you are dealing with high voltage!!!

Step 4: Attaching the LinkitONE

Now attach your board!

Carefully attach it to the relay and then wire it up. Once done, check the connections twice because there should be no chance of short circuit.

Step 5: Writing Some Code

Now we'll write some code.

The code is really simple here! We're waiting to receive an SMS, once we get an SMS, we read it, if the string is "on" then we turn on the AC. It's as simple as that




void setup()

{ pinMode(13,OUTPUT);


boolean notConnected = true;




void loop() {

String msg;


{; //reading sms




else if(msg.equalsIgnoreCase("OFF"))




Now burn the code and move to the next step!

Step 6: Finalizing Everything

Finalize everything by connecting your GSM/SMS antenna and tightening it up. Carefully do it as all the parts are really brittle and can break easily.

Step 7: Testing It Out!

Now test it out!

Try sending a simple SMS and see the magic! :D

Congrats! You've made your own SMS powered AC.



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    3 years ago

    Hi. Is ist possible to join the Author ? I'm very interrested. Please, my contact is : I have a simular project and i think we can work together on it.


    Cool Great way to make a regular air conditioner in to a smart air conditioner.