Smart Scooter: Handheld

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Long time ago I've build a smart charger for my scooter HP_Baxxter. Now I had time to also build a handheld for it.

Right now only the powerconsumption is shown with the device. I hope that in the future I'm also able to add the finedust and temperature of annother sensor.

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Step 1: Build the Hardware

For the Hardware I've used a ESP8266 together with an display. To power the device a Li-ion 18650 cell is used. To secure the battery against over and undervoltage batterycharger module is used.

I like the industrial look of open wired and stuff it is ment to be so ;-)

Step 2: Create the Software

To test the SW I've first used my linux shell to play arround with the system.

curl -v -G 'http://:8086/query?db=HP_Baxxter' --data-urlencode "epoch=h" --data-urlencode "q=SELECT count(\"value\") FROM \"powertick\" WHERE time > now() - 48h GROUP BY time(24m) fill(0)"

The answer was something like this:

* Trying ...
* Connected to
() port 8086 (#0) > GET /query?db=HP_Baxxter&epoch=h&q=SELECT%20count%28%22value%22%29%20FROM%20%22powertick%22%20WHERE%20time%20%3E%20now%28%29%20-%2048h%20GROUP%20BY%20time%2824m%29%20fill%280%29 HTTP/1.1 > Host: :8086 > User-Agent: curl/7.47.0 > Accept: */* > < HTTP/1.1 200 OK < Connection: close < Content-Type: application/json < Request-Id: 23f62004-6f9b-11e7-9ccd-000000000000 < X-Influxdb-Version: 1.2.4 < Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 11:36:17 GMT < Transfer-Encoding: chunked < {"results":[{"statement_id":0,"series":[{"name":"powertick","columns":["time","count"],"values":[[416843,0],[416844,0],[416844,0],[416844,0],[416845,0],[416845,0],[416846,0],[416846,254],[416846,365],[416847,357],[416847,257],[416848,121],[416848,62],[416848,58],[416849,47],[416849,44],[416850,41],[416850,25],[416850,4],[416851,0],[416851,0],[416852,0],[416852,0],[416852,0],[416853,0],[416853,0],[416854,0],[416854,0],[416854,0],[416855,0],[416855,0],[416856,0],[416856,0],[416856,0],[416857,0],[416857,0],[416858,0],[416858,0],[416858,0],[416859,0],[416859,0],[416860,0],[416860,0],[416860,0],[416861,0],[416861,0],[416862,0],[416862,0],[416862,0],[416863,0],[416863,0],[416864,0],[416864,0],[416864,0],[416865,0],[416865,0],[416866,0],[416866,0],[416866,0],[416867,0],[416867,0],[416868,0],[416868,0],[416868,0],[416869,0],[416869,0],[416870,0],[416870,0],[416870,0],[416871,0],[416871,0],[416872,0],[416872,0],[416872,0],[416873,0],[416873,0],[416874,0],[416874,0],[416874,0],[416875,0],[416875,0],[416876,0],[416876,0],[416876,0],[416877,0],[416877,0],[416878,0],[416878,0],[416878,0],[416879,0],[416879,0],[416880,0],[416880,0],[416880,0],[416881,0],[416881,0],[416882,0],[416882,0],[416882,0],[416883,0],[416883,0],[416884,0],[416884,0],[416884,0],[416885,0],[416885,0],[416886,0],[416886,0],[416886,0],[416887,0],[416887,0],[416888,0],[416888,0],[416888,0],[416889,0],[416889,0],[416890,0],[416890,0],[416890,0],[416891,0],[416891,0]]}]}]} * Closing connection 0

With all this information I've created a arduino script which can be downloaded here:

The Flashbutton is used for the different timeframes.

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