Smart Seat Detector Built Using Bolt IoT


Introduction: Smart Seat Detector Built Using Bolt IoT


1.First we configure the bolt chip to connect to out wifi hotspot of out phone.

***Connect a micro usb cable to bolt from a laptop.

2.A stable blue light indicates that the bolt chip is connected successfully with hotspot.

3.Using 'advanced ip scanner' we note down the ip address of the bolt chip.

4.We then open the ip address/developer eg. ( in our browser preferrable Chrome.

5.On this page we get options like 1.Browse file

2.Upload the file

6.This is where we will be sending the HTML code to the bolt chip.

7.On successful upload,we will be notified of it.

8.Open the ip link,and u are ready to execute commands to bolt.


1. The proximity sensor has 3 ports.

2.The Left most is Ground terminal

3.Midlle one is Vcc.

4.Right most is ouput.

5.Connect the 5V and ground with the corresponding ports on the proximity sensor.

6.Connect the third port with port 0 of the bolt chip as in picture.

7.Repeat the same process for other proximity sensors connecting them to different output ports of the bolt chip.

VIdeo link



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    So many projects, so little time....This is so nice I'm buying the parts tomorrow.