Smart Selective Internet Enabled Dustbin



Introduction: Smart Selective Internet Enabled Dustbin

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Sensor Based Waste Collection Bins is used to identify status of waste bins if it is empty or filled so as to customize the waste collection schedule accordingly and also save the cost. Real time waste management system by using smart dustbins to check the fill level of dustbins whether the dustbins are full or not, through this system the information of all smart dustbins can be accessed from anywhere and anytime by the concern person. It will inform the status of each and every dustbin in real time so that concerned authority can send the garbage collection vehicle only when the dustbin is full.

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Step 1:

Items Used-

1. Proximity Sensor

2. IR Sensors

3. Arduino Uno

4. Ethernet Shield

5. Servo Motor

Step 2: Method Used-

In this project we have connected the IR Sensors to the dustbin models whose data is sent over to the IoT platform "Ubidots" with the help of an Arduino Uno and Ethernet shield. The data of the sensor is then compared and if the dustbin is found to be full then the system automatically sends an email to the authorized person that the particular dustbin is full and it needs an attention. As an additive feature we are also using a proximity sensor and a servo motor which allows the cap to open only when there is a metal waste. So by this method we can separate the metallic and non-metallic waste.

Step 3: Overview of the Code -

Here in the arduino code we are first taking the data of the IR sensors and the computation is done only at the arduino level so that it does not take much space over the cloud. If the sensor value is high only then the cloud is triggered and once the cloud is triggered it send the email to the registered mail id with the specific message. The configuration of the mailing system is done over the Ubidots Platform.

You can find the arduino code file in the attachments

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