Smart TV Remote Control Using Intel Edison (Intel IoT)

Introduction: Smart TV Remote Control Using Intel Edison (Intel IoT)

The IR transmitter/receiver TSOP1738 can be interfaced with Intel Edison using standard PWM interface available in libmraa library.
This can be used in connection with USB microphone to control the TV voulme under control at any time.

Normally when advertisement comes in between regular TV programs, they are very loud and undesirable.

At such times, a simple system having a USB microphone can be used to detect the current ambient sound decibal value of the ambient noise level. This can be easily done in Intel Edison using standard ALSA API.

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Step 1: Seteup IR Transmitter

1) Get an IR transmitter/Receiver chip like TSOP1738

2) Connect the chip's GPIO singal to pin to any one of Intel edison's PWM pins.

3) Write C/C++ program using libmraa library to control the IR transmitter from Edison

Step 2: Setup Voume Control Using USB Microphone

1) Connect a USB microphone to Edison.

2) Place Edison and USB microphone near TV.

3) Measure the current TV volume using ALSA linux API.

4) based on the TV volume and desired user volume, automatically control TV volume.

Step 3: Control TV Channel Switching From Cloud

1) Connect Edison to wifi network.

2) Connect to the dedicated control server in cloud.

3) Get the TV channel switching control commands from cloud.

4) Based on the information, send the commands to IR transmitter to switch channels accordingly.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Hi Rajesh,

    this is a very cool project!

    I would like to implement a project for remote controll air conditioned.

    Could you post library to control the IR transmitter from Edison?

    Thank you very much


    3 years ago

    I hate loud commercials! This is quite a brilliant idea, very well done. Thanks for sharing!