Smart Waste Bin - Swachh Bharat

Introduction: Smart Waste Bin - Swachh Bharat

One of the essential component of a smart city is a Clean and Green Environment, and the crux of it is a Smart, Intelligent and Connected Waste Management System.
We have developed a System where the Waste bins are equipped with a Compactor and a Bin Level detection System.

  • Mostly the Garbage bins are Under utilized, if the waste is compressed regularly it could lead to significantly higher storage of waste in the same volume of Bin, leading to lesser no. of pickup turns and improved efficiency.For the same we have incorporated a solar based compactor which works on Linear Actuator Principle would work on the inputs from the Gallileo Board.

    Sensors and Actuators Involved:

    - Infra Red Sensors are used to identify bin levels.

    - Switch along with Servo motor to trigger the Linear Actuator for Compacting the Waste bin.

    - Ultra Sonic Sensors could also be used for same, but faced compatability issues with Gallileo Board.

    - Air Quality sensors are being used to identify Foul smells which will also be used to predict pickup schedules based on Anomolies.

    Technical Details :

    -Advanced Analytics Algorithms like Frequent Pattern Mining and Time Series Prediction are used to efficiently predict an optimized route for the pickup trucks, which could lead to huge savings in resources spent on Fuel and Man Power.

    -The Bin level data has been intergated with Intel IOT cloud, for reporting and analysis.

    - We also have a great User Interface to view the route mapping, heat mapping of Waste in the City etc.

    Public can also actively play a role by alerting the management when ever they see an over filled bin by using their smartphones, using NFC/BLE technology.

    Growing Smart Cities could be a huge potential market for such systems.

    This is an initiative by us to take the Swachh Bharat campaign to the next level.

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    Which IR sensor have you used?