Smart Watering System for Gardens

About: I am a electronics hobbyist from india. Youcan visit my youtube channel "AviPrink" for more detailed information.

Hello my friends, i am going to make a solar powered or automatic irrigation system for our gardens,follow the steps below to make your own.

Step 1: Relay Module

Relay Module

Our microcontroller can only switch few mA loads, we can not drive heavey loads eg. moter, relay modules requires very low power to trigger any loads it acts like a switch.use of relay is a good idea because we can switch heavey loads as well as provide galvanic isolation.

Types Of Relay Modules

1. Low Level Trigger- Low level trigger means relay turns off at +ve supply , turns on at -ve or near 0v.

2. High Level Trigger- High level trigger means relay turn off at 0v and turns on at +ve supply.

Note- This Project use High Level Trigger relay module. if accidently purchase Low Level Trigger Relay module you can convert it to High Level without removing any components.Click here

Step 2: LCD (16x2) 1602

LCD panel used in this project is 16x2 or 1602. by the use of LCD we can see text message by ARDUINO

Step 3: Moisture Senser

Moisture senser is the most important part of entire project, it detects moisture level of soil and provide analog , digital signal , we are going to use analog signal from moisture senser not digital.

Step 4: Push Button(calibration Button)

Push Button in this project is used for calibration purpose.

Step 5: Schematic Diagram

Step 6: Code for Arduino

You can change your on time for water pump, and also threshold point of water where pump activated.



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