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Intro: SmartGarden

A set it and forget it solution to gardening.

Step 1: Get Edison Setup

Begin by following the Edison Getting Started Guide and getting your board communicating with your computer.

Step 2: 3D Print Edison Mount

The Smart Garden includes a 3 inch PVC center column where the Edison will be mounted. Since 3D printing can take time it's best to get this started now. Begin printing the rings which the Edison will mount to.

Step 3: Assemble Base Row

The base row consists of 3 pods mounted in a triangular formation and level to the ground thus providing stability for the Smart Garden Urban model (the slide adjustable collar with 3 holders is used for the base row).

Step 4: Additional Growing Pods and Irrigation Line

Each pod comes with an 'irrigation ring' which fits on the pod ledge and is connect to via tubing to an upper level pod. The Smart Garden Urban model is designed with a 2 pod second tier. Additionally, in this sample model, one of the second tier pods is equipped with 'sun light leds' and is designed to extend directly over one of the first level pods.

Step 5: Upload the Code

Grab the code from the GitHub repo ( for Edison board. Also the code for the MeteorJS app ( which is used to control and monitor the garden remotely. Once the code for the Edison has been uploaded to it and the Meteor app is running you're all set!



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    2 years ago

    I would recommend putting a small description at the begining that includes the part list and describes what this will do and how.