SmartHome Concept Pt 1




Introduction: SmartHome Concept Pt 1

This is my first instructables. so i'm sorry for my bad english.

i will show you to make a basic your own smarthome. this is a simple instructables. We will simply turn of and on lamp with your arduino via web. So lets get started

anyway i use an application called Mig-A-Watt. Mig-A-Watt is an android based application and it works with Xiaomi Redmi Note. also i test it on an web based application called PlugMonsters. We will discuss in next instructables

You can see the tutorial in bahasa at :

Step 1: Parts

1. Arduino yun

2. Relay 5v (i use 4 channel), SPST type

3.Micro Sd

4. Cables

5. Jumpers

6. Socket

7. Power Source for arduino. (you can use micro usb ar power bank. i use Xiaomi power bank)

Arduino yun is a coolest arduino board even it a bit weird if you compare with another arduino board. You can access arduino yun REST API. you can use to add something cool at your project.

Step 2: Make Connections

Plug your micro usb with arduino yun. you can see here: for setting yun. after setting your yun, i assume you already know your yun's IP. email me if you stuck on this step. make connection between your relay and arduino. Pin 8 arduino to pin IN 1 module relay, also make connection between GND relay and GND Arduino, VCC relay to 5V arduino.

cut some cables and make it like i do(see in picture). connect the relay and cable. relay have some pins: common close, look at the picture for connection. if you want to add monitoring your electricty, you can add 'monitoring' function. add current sensor to monitor you electircity uses. i use ac712

Step 3: Code

This is the basic of controlling and monitoring your own smarthome using arduino yun:

i know it's a bit confusing if you a beginner, i will glad if you ask me via email if you have some problem :). Compile the code and open your browser. Type <your Yun's IP>/arduino/digital/8/1 to turn lamp on and <your Yun's Ip>/arduino/digital/8/0

example : =turn on lamp =turn off lamp


*change temboo and google spreadsheet key, username in the code

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    Ooo that is a neat idea, I bet a smarthome has some really great advantages. I can't wait to see the next part!