SmartPhone Game Simulator- Play Windows Games Using Gesture Control IMU, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer

About: I am software programmer(c/c++/python/java), web & graphic designer(Ps,Ae,Pr) with over 2 years of personal and professional experience.

Support this project: by donating to open-source codes & support for further development

Step 1: Create Hotspot

Step 2: Install IMU+GPS Stream Android App

Step 3: Download & Install SmartPhone Game Simulator

Step 4: Play Windows Games Like Asphalt8, GTA San Andreas, NFS MMW Etc Using Your SmartPhone As Gesture Control

Connect your SmartPhone to Hotspot

Send IMU data to software

Step 5: Some Useful Resources About IMU- Inertial Measurement Unit or Inertial Motion Sensors



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