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Introduction: Smartcube Tutorial

Smartcube is an opensource notification lamp, easy to make and a real elegant object.

For this project you will need:

Let's get started!

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Step 1: Let's Make the Circuit

The connections are very simple, just wire RGB leds to the corresponding photon outputs. Remember to connect longest LED to ground!

Connections are finished, let's get to the software part.

Step 2: Software

Upload the source code to the photon via particle build. Click here to see the code.

We will use iftt as a trigger to call a particular function. This function will be sent to the photon that will light up the LEDs.

  1. Go to iftt, sign up and select create recipe.
  2. You will have to choose the chanel to check. In this case we will light up the lamp when a new email arrives.
  3. Select new email in inbox. Click on create trigger.
  4. Choose the action. Select call a function.
  5. Select light timer from the dropdown menu. In function input write gmail.
  6. In the final step you will see a summary of the new recipe.

Step 3: 3d Print the Case

Here you find the stl file for the case. It is a 9x9x9cm cube.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Smart Lamp!

You're done! It's so simple!

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