Smartphone 3D Viewer

Introduction: Smartphone 3D Viewer

3D images are fantastic ! When watching a 3D image I get the feeling that it is alive and real !

I recently found a great app on the android called : "Make It 3D" which let you take amazing 3D photos in high resolution with your Android smartphone.

So I decided to build a simple but effective viewer in order to watch those 3D photos directly on my Android smartphone.

What you need :

1. Cardboard from an old shoe box or similar.

2. Two magnifying lenses of 2.5 cm diameter and focal length of 10cm.

3. Two syringes of 1ml.

The images are self explanatory :

First you need to cut the cardboard and create your viewer frame.

You will need to create the viewer as two separate parts. The right part is for the handle and right eye.

The left part is for the left eye.

Cut carefully a hole in each viewer part and insert the lens inside the hole. Then you will need to secure the lenses with glue at their borders.

the syringes are used for adjusting the distance between the lenses according to the distance between the eyes.

Glue the outer part of the syringes to the right part of the viewer and the inner part of the syringes to the left part of the viewer.

Let dry for a couple of hours and there you have it.

I'm using this viewer to view my own 3D photos which I take using the "Make it 3D" Android application.

I could even watch amazing 3D Side-By-Side YouTube videos directly on my Android smartphone.

In order to watch these free videos just search YouTube with "Side by side 3D movies".

I'm adding also example side-by-side 3D photos so you can test the viewer when it is ready.

I hope you enjoy building the 3D viewer. I certainly did !

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