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whenever i use to sleep my charger's pin fall down after removing it from my phone.i use to find the pin like a blind person in i made a charger+holder for my phone.

Step 1: Materials

  1. drill and drill bit
  2. sharp scissors
  3. pencil
  4. cutter
  5. ruler
  6. metal file
  7. binder clip
  8. a large book
  9. phone and charger

Step 2:

begin by choosing a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the width of your charger.measure and mark the width of the charger to know where the charger will go.drill two holes through the cover and the first page .after this use cutter to cut the middle piece of the cover out.use a metal file to widen the space.file a little and see if your charger will fit.

Step 3:

draw two lines perpendicular to the charger's slot for the charger's wire.using scissors cut the line you just drew.use this cut out channel as a stencil for the next page and cut it do this till 40 or 50 pages .binder is useful to separate the cut and uncut pages.

Step 4:

put your charger and close the book and see if you need to cut more pages.if you want you can glue the pages.during this be you van keep more books upon the 'charging book'.and place your phone on the charger.

Step 5:

the product is finished and you can gift it to relatives or friends or to your family good of old books.



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