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Children likes playing with toys.but they don't know the science behind it. how the commands work. besides a toy its an project given to 12th non medical students. its an good science exhibition project also.I have made an smart car works with smartphone. I have given you the steps on how you can make it.. my future planning is to modify it and add ultrasonic sensor with infrared sensor so it also work with remote. I will make a video also shortly. tell me also who have made it. please like and comment. if any problem occur, please comment below I will guide you.


Step 1: Things Needed

For making a smartphone controlled r.c car we must have the things that is used to make.

Following are the things necessary for making a r.c car

1.Arduino[it may be mega,uno or nano etc.] {I am using Arduino nano}

2.Motor driver L298N for Arduino

3.Brushless D.C motors 1X4 { do not buy above 100 rpm}

4.HC-05 Bluetooth Module

5. Small Breadboard [ only if you are using Arduino nano only, It was not available so i buy big]

6. Jumper wires male to female [ 10 to 15]

7. Chassis [ if you want, you can buy] { I have made my project on a switch board plate}

8.Super glue

9. Battery holder

For cheaper products buy from ebay. I shall not responsible to damage piece received by you from ebay.

Step 2: Motor and Its Wiring

Take all the four motors. I have taken 2 only. If you have chassis you can fix it with screw if not you can use glue.Fix all the 4 tyres also. Make the suitable wiring of front and back wiring that I have shown in the pictures above

Step 3: Motor Driver Connections

Connect the wires coming from d.c motor to motor drive as shown.Take 4 jumper wires. Connect the female side of jumper wire to IN1,IN2,IN3,IN4 of motor driver.

Step 4: Arduino and Bluetooth, All Connections

Arduino is the cpu of the whole car. We may also call the heart.It takes command given by user through Bluetooth module and process it. Now take the 4 wire coming from motor drive and connect it in the Arduino pins mention below.

L298N--> Arduino
IN1> D5

IN2> D6

IN3> D9

IN4> D10

Bluetooth Module -> Arduino

Rx >Tx

Tx >Rx


Vcc or 5v >3.3v

Step 5: Power

USE power from 5v to 12v only that's why I said in step1 use small motors. I have used big so I reduced it to 2.Take the red wire of the battery holder and connect it to motor driver 12v slot Take GND of Arduino and battery black wire.Use common connection of both wires .And connect it to motor driver GND slot. connect Arduino 5v to motor driver 5v.

Please! Please! Please! do not use 9v battery. The car will move for 2 minutes only then the Bluetooth goes off and did not turn on but the whole circuit will work so your car don't move. Because 9v battery have 9v starting and then after using it goes down to 6v or 5v. I suggest you to use rechargeable cell.

Step 6: Software and Code

• First download the Arduino program from here. Secondly, download the mobile software for controlling car from play store here. Copy the code and paste it to your Arduino program and upload to Arduino chip using data cable. The code mentioned below. If this didn't work just tell me I will send you a different link of code. please like and comment.


Credits to = Abheyvir and Opengreenenergy



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    abheyvirTalha Gilani

    Reply 2 years ago

    please check your motors are fine. Just connect it directly to battery. Send me the voltage of battery and motor or rpm of motors.

    abheyvirTalha Gilani

    Reply 2 years ago

    Is your wiring is correct. Please check all connections again.If problem continues please contact me. I will tell you the steps. I will do all possible efforts.


    2 years ago

    Wonderful car! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks. please share it most. I will more videos. please my channel working.