Smartphone Mount for Exercise Bike



Introduction: Smartphone Mount for Exercise Bike

mount your smartphone to your exercise Cycle using this Instructable. listen to your favourite music watch your favourite show while working out. off course you never put your exercise Cycle In the same room where you put your TV

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Step 1: Make a Magazine Roll or Use a Pvc Pipe.

pvc pipe will not have much grip when connecting it to steel pipe so I used a magazine rolled into a cylindrical shape

Step 2: Tape It

I used Brown colour tape and above that used a black insulation tape it looks like this

Step 3: Attach Using Zip Ties

attach it to the exercise Cycle handle bars using zip ties (you could also use tape or rope)

Step 4: Make Holes in Your Phone Back Case

make 4 holes in your phone's back case like shown in this pic.

Step 5: Attach Zip Tie to the Phone Case

attach zip ties to the phone's back case like shown in this pic.

Step 6: Attaching the Phone Case

attach the phone case to the magazine roll or pvc pipe you joined to the bike handle already like shown in this pic. it'll hold steady don't worry it won't damage the magazine roll. the magazine roll is stronger than expected

Step 7: Put Your Phone

last and final step put your phone in the case and start working out listening to your favourite music or favourite show

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