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Introduction: Smartphone Photo Studio for #3DBenchy and Tiny Stuff

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This 3D-printable camera rig for smartphones is designed to create a repeatable way to photograph #3DBenchy models at fixed angle positions. An included turntable attachment makes it is also possible to record 360° videos.

The base frame and phone shelf are easily adjustable to fit most common smartphone models. A sliding fixture holder allows for adjustment of the object-to-camera distance as well as the focus and framing of the image.

A rubber-band-activated lever makes it easy to insert and remove the smartphone from the shelf and keeps it in place during photography.


The following fixtures are included in this kit:

  • Vertical fixture for eight positions at 45° intervals (for #3DBenchy)
  • Horizontal fixture for top-bottom positions at 45° intervals (for #3DBenchy)
  • Crank-actuated rotary platform for recording 360° videos (for #3DBenchy)
  • Crank-actuated rotary platform for recording 360° videos (blank)
  • Blank fixture insert with center-hole for generic objects


The frame components have holes through which the camera rig can be secured permanently on a flat surface.


A slot in the fixture holder can be used for mounting a sheet of paper which removes background clutter during photography.


A universal holder for flashlights can be used to add key lights and improve the clarity of the photos.


A separate holder for sheets of paper is included which can be used as additional light bouncers.


Even though this rig is primarily designed to be used for photographing #3DBenchy specimens, it can nevertheless be used for taking photos of anything that fits in the camera's field of view.

For this purpose the fixture insert is made available as a blank in both STEP and STL file formats. These can be easily adapted in your 3D/CAD software for holding items such as follows:

  • Stamps
  • Insects
  • Flowers
  • Leafs
  • Miniatures
  • Toy figurines
  • And anything else you can think of!

During the development and testing phase of this rig, it became obvious that it also works as a stand for mobile phones. Just make yourself comfortable, place the rig on your belly and effortlessly watch your favourite videos.


This 3D-printable camera rig is released as an open design and we encourage you to 3D-print it and make improvements to best fit your personal use. If you re-publish the new files please give this project attribution. :)


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Step 1:


All files in this camera rig can be downloaded as individual STL files and also as pre-packed ready-to-print build plates. These are available for two commonly used square and rectangular build-volume sizes - 200 x 200 x 115 mm and 230 x 150 x 115 mm. If your 3D printer can make objects of this size or larger, then you can 3D-print a full plate in one go. Otherwise all individual parts can be 3D-printed within 150 x 150 x 114 mm.



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    This would be great for someone in the Jewelry business or minature collectables.

    This is wonderful! It was also nice to learn about #3DBenchy as well. I'm currently trying to get my 3d printer to perform just as nicely with Simplify3D as it does with MatterControl. This may help.


    2 years ago

    This is so cool!