Smartphone/tablet to Playstation Controller Rig

This is a quite simple rig that I made from Lego Technic pieces which can (just barely) support a smartphone or tablet and attach to some form of Playstation controller, I am using a generic USB Playstation controller. This was made so that I could support my 7" tablet on a controller and use Splashtop to control my PC from the tablet and play games from a wireless controller, but since I don't have a wireless controller yet I just built it off this controller. Most of the rig is quite sturdy aside from the connection across the top of the pad which is just a single half strip attached by a very small connector, but it works. Obviously since it's Lego it is quite modular but it made sense that I would design it with some pieces that can be moved, such as on the arms, to accommodate slightly different sizes. Hopefully there are enough pictures here if you want to build it as I'll be taking it apart to make a new rig for my Xbox controller soon.

Feel free to vote for me in the Toy Rods and Connectors contest if you think it worthy ^_^
This is the Reddit link I was inspired by in case you're interested in learning about Splashtop and streaming your computer to a device so you can play games wirelessly.
If there is any demand I might make an Instructable for Splashtop gaming or other PC streaming programs.

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    3 years ago

    Here's my version.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    I didn't notice that one, thanks! Also thanks for the post about the CAPTCHA reply fix which I had to do to reply to your comment, haha