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Introduction: Smartwatch Security Band

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This little wearable life hack came about after my Samsung Gear Fit popped off my arm in the grocery store parking lot. I didn't notice it until about 20 minutes later, but thankfully some honest person found it and turned it in to the customer service desk.

I love my Samsung Gear Fit, or as I like to call it, my pedometer/watch thingie, but the easy press-together clasp also easily pops off if it catches on something. I searched the internet to see if Samsung had caught on to this problem and provided a solution, but found none so I decided to make my own.

As part of my second-place prize pack for the Instructables Halloween costume contest last year, I won an 8-pack of sugru, a self-setting rubber. I thought this would make the perfect material for my security band since it's pliable at first and waterproof when it dries. I imagine a 3D printer could mass-produce this little accessory out the wazoo, but for now, sugru will do.

Step 1: First Attempt...

My first attempt I wrapped around my finger and molded into a rectanglish shape. I pressed a decorative button into the part that would be exposed.

Things I learned in my initial attempt:

-Forming it around my finger made it come out too loose.

-When you press a decoration into it, that decoration tends to stick. Don't use something that has too many grooves.

-To reduce fingerprints, smooth the edges by rubbing it in one direction over an over.

-DO NOT mess with it a few hours after you form it. Let it set for the suggested 24 hours. Seriously, LEAVE IT ALONE, or you will ruin it.

Step 2: Second Attempt...

I documented my second attempt a little better. First, I rolled the sugru into a ball, then I rolled it into a snake. Then, I dusted a flat pencil with baby powder so it wouldn't stick. (I was lucky to find an object similar in size to my watch. You could probably make your own out of tin foil or something.) Then I wrapped the snake-like shape around the pencil and overlapped it on top.

After that, I spent about 10 minutes squishing the sugru and pressing it against the table to flatten the edges, slowly forming and smoothing it with my fingers. I lightly dusted the previously-used button with baby powder and found it didn't stick as much this time when I pressed it into the sugru.

Step 3: Third Attempt

I used yellow sugru for my third attempt, and pressed a (lightly powder-dusted) pewter feather earring into it for decoration.

Step 4: End Result...

So now I have 3 unique pedometer/watch thingie keeper-closers. (I'm still not quite sure what to call them). They work though, and that's what matters most.



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    This is awesome. Great kob

    very nice effort...

    That's a clever solution for what is a basic design fault on such an expensive watch. Maybe Samsung see it as a design feature so you'll buy more when you lose it?

    4 replies

    Thanks wobbler! I agree Samsung is probably profiting off this flaw. I almost contacted them with this idea but thought I'd share it with the Instructable community instead.

    That good publishing it here, but I think you should also contact Samsung anyway, if only to see their response!

    I looked in to Samsung's submission guidelines and it basically states that they are allowed to take your design improvement ideas and use them without giving any acknowledgement or compensation in return. Some things are better left to the DIY community. ;)

    Ah, good old honest Damnsung, never one to use somebody else's ideas without recognition.