Smash Smash Revolution

Introduction: Smash Smash Revolution

This is basically undeniable proof that we are horrible, horrible people.

For more projects and a summary follow up from our January build night, please see this thread!

OK, so to be fair, these flowers were actually nearing the end despite their wonderful look. The scent alone was a huge clue here, and they needed to be discarded soon. OK, so there's no real way of making us look like anything but horrible, horrible people here. But this kept Hank busy, which meant he was not smashing other things in our space.

This project was by Hank, Sam, Emilee, and Talon at one of our January Build Nights with MaKey MaKey.

If you actually want to recreate this project, you will need a MaKey MaKey, some flowers, and some wire. That's about it aside from a computer with a USB 2.0 connection, some kind of Dance Dance Revolution game, and no moral qualms with destroying beautiful things.

Step 1: What Did These Beautiful Things Ever Do to You, Hank?!


Prepare some flowers.

Step 2: Wire Them Up.

You'll need one flower for each arrow key.

You will also need a ground attached to the person playing.

Step 3: Hate Yourself in the Morning.

Load up a DDR type game and play. By smashing flowers.

Watch out for the MaKey MaKey when smashing things, Hank almost got ours with his angry fists.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Haha, thanks for checking it out. This was for a Build Night. To be fair to Hank, this idea was fashioned after their team realized that the flowers in question were at a point where you had to press very hard on them to close the circuit with the MaKey MaKey. So he didn't just immediately jump to the idea out of nowhere. And the flowers in question were on last leg.