Smashed Mutant Octopus Book "shelf"




Introduction: Smashed Mutant Octopus Book "shelf"

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I was looking through websites when I came across a link to this. I was like "Wow, I want one of those! In fact, I could make one!" So here it is!

Step 1: What You Will Need....

So for this you'll need:
A wooden dowel (I found one in my mom's closet full o tools and things)
Duct tape (Very easy stuff to find)
Surveyors tape but preferably something stronger. (Mine was $2. You can get it at someplace like Ace. It isn't sticky, it's just for things like tieing on stakes to outline something on the ground like where a house will go. You could also use other things instead.)

Step 2: Take the Tape And....

The wooden dowel found was 21 inches long and I used roughly 15 pieces of surveyors tape that were 2 feet long. You can use more or less and make the pieces longer or shorter.
So cut all the peices of surveyors tape you need and then tear off a piece of duct tape as long a your dowel. Put it on one end and take a piece of surveyors tape and loop it over the dowel and tape it down. Keep doing this until you have put as many loops on it as you want it to have. Put them close together without too much of a gap between them.

Step 3: Smashed Mutant Octopus

So by now your bookshelf should look like a smashed mutant octopus. The loops might not exactly stay on very well so take a piece of duct tape and rip it in half and stick it down on the underside of everything. Put the tape on the bottom by putting the loops around the ends of the dowel so that you don't accidently tape the surveyors tape to the dowel.
If you find that it still doesn't look like it will stay on put some very thin pieces of tape between each of the loops to hold everything on a little bit better.

Step 4: Almost Done!!

Yay! So you're almost done, but if you try to put a book in your book "shelf" it will just turn to the side and fall out. Soo take some pieces of surveyors tape and tie them to the very top of the loops. Now the book should stay in.

Step 5: Bam!

You're done. This project cost me less than $5 but might cost more dependion on how big you want ti and stuff like that.
Enjoy your smashed mutant octopus bookshelf! If you have any questions just ask :D

Step 6: Individual Book Holder

Kiteman told me about [┬Ąt_bullitt_id=296 this] one. It holds only one book but it's really easy to make.
So take what ever you're using, (surveyors tape, caution tape, cloth, etc.) and if it might rip because of the thumbtacks/nails you should put duct tape on the end. Put the ends together and put a thumbtack (I wouln't suggest thumbtacks) through the ends and hang it on the wall. There you have it! Put books in it just like you would the other one.



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    I love this. I didnt understand how it worked. The item is held in place by friction between the loop and the wall. Cool.

    You could make one using almost antything:

    towel racks come to mind, and come in many designs, colors etc.

    Closet rod w/holders and support for wall to wall.

    oh and those metal curtain rods! They are so easy to install.

    Hmmm, perhaps the loops could be replaced with a copper wire, or copper tubbing, or baling twine, or ...... =)

    Dude, I like this. whenever I get a place of my own, I'm going to do this. Do the books/DVDs/CDs/etc. have a tendency of moving around or falling out?

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    I noticed your DVD, and I would like to say that I have a Fear of Music... (Did anyone get that reference?)

    No, I'm not. That's just my cork board and the cloth on it is left over from when it used to be my brother's room... He also painted the walls gray....

    They're not that bad, really, they're so light colored they look sort of blueish. But once we move I'm definitely not going to paint my room gray or blue.... Actually I don't even know what color I'll paint it .... Do you not like emo people or something?

    No. I like emo people. But I just don't like seeing people unhappy. It may suprise you, but I mainly hang out with emo people. I don't know how, but I guess I'm too geeky for the geeks.

    Thanks so much for this Instructable. This was a great idea! I had to make one as soon as I saw it. I made four rows for mine though because I have somewhat of a book addiction and very little space. I just stapled ribbons to pieces of framing board that I spray painted. It turned out like this:

    9408 001.JPG
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    I like this very much. To make it look even more like an octopus, you could add a semi circle or domed head with massive googly eyes. BTW, did you make the contact paper tree? Very pretty. You should do one on that as well, if you like. :)

    1 reply

    Thank you :D That's a really good idea! I wonder what I could use to make it... Yes I did :D Thank you! It wasn't very hard, I just found a picture of a fractal tree on the internet and looked at it so I could draw it on the back of the contact paper and cut it out. You know, I think I might sometime.

    this is awesome. I'm making this to hold my dvds in my dorm room. so, instead of tacking it to the wall, I'm using those adhesive hooks. I hope my room mate doesn't mind. ha ha!

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    Thank you! That's a good idea, especially because they're probably a lot stronger than thumbtacks. Hehe if your room mate does mind you can wrap their bed in the left over surveyors tape :D

    I would think that rather than taping the bands to something, it would be better to take a long piece of wood, and drill holes in it for bolts/washers/wingnuts, and secure smaller pieces of wood to the longer one, that way you could use the bolts and the wood pieces to clamp the bands to the wood. This would allow you to vary the length of the bands if needed, and would let you replace bands. It would also be a lot more versatile and sturdy.
    T T T T T T T T T <bolts
    <individual wood
    ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ ++++ <Bands clamped

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    I like that idea, but for something more substantial like leather or rubber. Surveyors tape does not deserve wood clamps. also, because it is just surveyor's tape, it can be cut. When a band gets stretched out by a heavy book or something, just cut it off and tape a new one over it.