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Introduction: Smashed Bulb LED Light

A while back I saw some design company was flogging an acrylic smashed bulbs for some thing ridiculous like $200. I liked the idea and knew i could make the same thing for a lot less. SO behold the amazing smashed bulb light.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

Rotary tool such as dremel
Soldering iron + Solder
Standard frosted bulb bayonet cap BC(frosted glass as opposed to powderd)
Hot glue gun
Jet flame lighter
4 or so white LEDs
Desk lamp (with BC bulb fitting, you can swap out the screw thread type to this)
AC/DC adaptor that has the same output as your LEDs, i used one i had lying around if you don't have one pick one up off eBay
Corrosponding connector

Step 2: Open the Bulb

Using a cutting disk cut just as the cap is crimped smaller. Do this carefully as the black glass inside will crack

Ease the cap open DO NOT JUST PULL it off, it should still be connected by two thin wires cut these with scissors near to the top and leave connected to the base.

I forgot to do this and it caused a lot of hassle later on.

Step 3: Cracking the Bulb

**Involves broken glass and if you cut yourself its your own fault**

The best way I have found to do this is by using the cutting disk on the dremel to press lightly onto the glass surface to leave a mark, keep it there and a crack should appear. Using the cutting disk you can extend and change direction of the crack until it encircled the bulb and the top comes off.

Step 4: Dulling the Edges

**Involves broken glass and a lighter if you cut and burn yourself you probably shouldn't be doing this and it is your fault not mine**

Now the top of the bulb is off you probbily not want sharp edged on it so take your jet lighter and the edges until they go clear. this has the added bonus dof making the edge slightly thicker and less likely to break.

I tried doing this with a small blow torch but the flame was too hot and caused the glass to shatter so i returned the my lighter.

Step 5: Making Space for the LEDs

The LEDs will be going into the body of the light. So you remove the vacuum tube I did this by snapping the end off with pliers then using a cone grinding steal or whatever its called on the dremel pushing gently down the center of the tube which breakes apart nicely.

Step 6: The LEDs

So i could stick more in i sanded the LEDs down, then connected them togeather and put them indide the holowed out buld and sealed them in using hot glue.

Step 7: The Base

Because of my earlier mistake i had to attach new wires to the base of the cap. If you still have the wires in place you should be able to solder the LED directly to thease, I think.

Step 8: Sealing the Bulb

Close the bulb up and hot glue the cap on and let it cool.

Step 9: The Desk Lamp

Because i wanted the smashed bulb to be visible I cut the cowling of the frount of the lamp.
Next i cut the existing lead off the lamp and attached the connector for the AC/DC adaptor and hot glued it into the gap the cable ran into.

Step 10: The Finished Light

Put it all back together and your done you now have a smashed bulb lamp.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Do your LEDs have resistors built in? Love the project!