Smidge146's Grenade, My Grenade Launcher





Introduction: Smidge146's Grenade, My Grenade Launcher

This instructable is about a grenade launcher that uses Smidge's grenades as ammo. I also made a hand grenade.

Step 1: The Barrel

This is the barrel. The pic shows the pieces on a grey rod. It is upside-down in the pic

Step 2: The Ram

The ram is a grey connector on the end of a red rod (tan in the pic). Also shown is the barrel, still upside-down . Be sure to put the rubberband on the connector.

Step 3: Ram Installation

This step shows how to install the ram. Which grey/yellow piece you put the band on depends on how strong the band you are using is.

Step 4: Ammo Types

The different types of shrapnel, haven't figured out which ones are good for which purposes, mabey you could help with that.

Step 5: The Hand Grenade

This grenade is too heavy to fire from the launcher so I made it a hand grenade. You can use different combonations of shrapnel, in the pic it has tan clips and blue clips.

Step 6: Fireing

To load and fire first you put the round in the tip of the barrel. Then pull back the ram and let go. It should fire, be sure not to pull back the ram so far as to make it HIT out the round as this will result in an almost guarrentied misfire. Have fun and annoy your neighbors with this, unless your neighbor is me or you actually want your pieces back.



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    I think they are all equal, maybe the grey ones are just a little bit better but just a little bit.

    dude, what is mykhailo supposed to be? how do you pronounce it?

    1 reply

    do the grenades actually explode, or even just fall apart? no, didn't think so.

    2 replies

    They explode when you shoot them at a wall. Did you try that? No, didn't think so. You will probably need something like KILLERK's gun for this to work. The only problem was that when you shot it with KILLERK's gun, it would explode upon shooting due to the transfer of momentum from the ram to the bullet. With a gun like this, where the pin is always in contact with the bullet, they do not explode upon firing, but upon impact. Also, the grey connectors are just resting upon the white connector; not actually clipped in.