Introduction: SmileyHead

In this instructable I will be teach you how to make a SmileyHead. When your finished or now please visit my website at

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Step 1: Materials

2 bottle caps
(optional)3 more bottle caps to help outline

Step 2: Making the Head

Place your 5 bottle caps on the paper. Put 1 in the middle and then put 1 on each side (except diagnol). Trace the bottle caps inside and out with a pen (in squares not circles). Remove the bottle caps and cut the traced line out. Now this part will be rinse and repeat. Fold 1 part of the edge that you just cut out then lift it back up (do this with the other 3 that is remaining). Now take your tape and put tape on each corner. P.S. If you used double stick tape like me cut some paper and place it over the tape. Now take a bottle cap and place on paper. Draw a circle around it (Not to big and not the exact size of the bottle cap). Cut it out. Now place tape on each side of the circle (again except diagnol) you just cut. Now place it on top of the head you made.

Step 3: Make the Face

To make the adorble little face take 4 bottle caps and line them up next to each other. Trace them inside and out (again in squares not circles). Remove the bottle caps and cut it. Inside 1 of the squares draw the face but don't fill it in all the way because you will have to cut it smaller than the square. After you have drawn your face cut it in a slimmed down version. After you cut it put tape on the back and place it on 1 side of the face.

Step 4: Make the Headphone

Last step everybody! Take the glue and a bottle cap place the glue on the line part of the bottle cap. Remember the squares you cut in the last step? Cut 1 square from there. Now stick it on the bottle caps glue side. Place glue or tape on the paper and place it on 1 of the sides except for the one across from where the head is at and the 1 where the head is at. Do it with 1 more bottle cap place it on the other side then.......

Step 5: Finished

.......Your done! Please share your SmileyHead in the comments and Visit my website at

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