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Introduction: Smocked Dress

This is my first instructable, so please bear with me.

We got this material at Walmart, everything else we already had on hand. The material cost $8.28 for 30 inches of material, in all you should be able to make this dress for $10.00 or less.

 So, here we go.

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Step 1: Measure and Cut

Measure around the chest of who ever will be wearing the dress. Our daughter measured 22" around her chest, so we cut the fabric 22". When we make a seam in the back, it will wind up using about an inch of material so that the dress will fit snug.
Try to follow the pattern of the material when cutting the length.

Step 2: Sew the Dress

Turn the material inside out. Fold the dress in half, line up the cut edges as best as you can. Pin the seam about an inch from the cut edge.

 If you need to, you can trim both edges at the same time and match up the edges.

 Once you've pinned the seam, you are ready to sew. Sew a straight stich about 1/2" from the cut edge.
 After you get the seam sewn, you should take the top and bottom threads and pull them to the inside of the fabric and tie the threads off in a knot.

Step 3: Make the Straps

On this dress, we made straps out of the same material as the dress.
On the first dress we made, we used ribbon for the dress straps.

 Start off by cutting the smocking off of the material, then iron the material and get it nice and flat. Then add some fusable backing material to the fabric. You can get this from any fabric store. Fusable backing is a thin sheet of material that can be adheared to fabric by ironing. One side is smooth, and the other side is textured. This texture is actually a heat activated glue. The purpose of this is to stiffen up the straps.

 So start by ironing the material, then fold over about an inch of material and iron again to make a crease. Fold it over again to make a second crease.
 Cut off the excess material. You will now have a strap about an inch wide by about a foot long.
Run the scissors up the middle of the backside cutting both sides of the material that was just folded over.
 Once this is done you should have a strap that has a solid front side and a very tight seem on the back side. Again iron this nice and flat. Next, use some hem tape (which is very similar to the fuseable backing) this comes on a roll about 1/2" wide and fuses two fabrics together by ironing. Cut three (3) strips as long as the strap, open the strap and put the hem tape on the inside. Iron again and you will have a nice strap.

Repete for the second strap.

Step 4: Sew the Straps

take the straps and pin them to the dress. if you can you should fit the dress to whoever will be wearing it.
 after you pin the straps, all you need to do is sew them, and the dress is done.

next we'll make a matching headband.

Step 5: Head Band

Ok, the headband.take some of the left over fabric from the dress. Our fabric hade Disney Princesses along the bottom, so i used that in my headband.
you will need two (2) pieces of material about 3" wide x 18" long. we used one from the dress material and one from another scrap of material.
Iron on fuseable backing to both pieces of material. Place the fabric pieces right sides together and pin them together. then trace out the template for the headband. I used a fabric marker, thats the blue line. cut both ends flush to the end of the template. fold each end back around 1/2" and use the hem tape to finish each end.
Then sew on the blue line. once it's sewn up on both sides, trim the extra fabric from the edges. trim about 1/4" to the outside of the blue line.

Turn the headband rightside out. Then attach the elastic.
We used 1/2" elastic band. each end of the headband should be open. insert the elastic into one end and sew across it. Try to make your seam on the hem that we folded in before you sewed the headband together.
Measure to fit the headband, then sew the other side.

Step 6: Finished.

Now we're all done.

hope you have fun making this cute dress, and thanks for reading my instructable.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Adorable dress. I have already made one for my daughter